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Image for Pattern: Kirby - Free amigurumi pattern

Kirby - Free amigurumi pattern

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What do you get when a game developer takes the idea of a vacuum cleaner, makes it pink and round, and gives it the ability to suck up enemies and steal their powers? One of the most adorable video game characters ever created: Kirby! This little guy has been delightfully inhaling bad guys since 1992. He has been in more than 20 games for Nintendo consoles. Kirby is a character who embodies joy and innocence in the games that he stars in. He lives in Dream Land, which is located on Planet Pop Star. This pink puffball with his trademark grin on his face was a cute pattern to make. If you grew up playing these games or you have an avid gamer your trying to find a gift for. Kirby is the perfect option. With how simple this pattern is, it is an easy pattern for people just trying to get into crocheting.