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Find A Pattern For Your Next Crochet Project

Image for Pattern: Axolotl - Amigurumi pattern

Axolotl - Amigurumi pattern

Difficulty Level:
When I first saw an axolotl it was in Minecraft, I thought the game just made them up. I was floored to find out they are real, and their real life counter parts are even more cute! I knew right away that they would be perfect for a crochet pattern. I create this pattern looking at images of them on the internet. In addition, I posted asking if people would be interested in the pattern for them once I had on made and come to find out people have them as pets! This pattern has many options from the gills to the feet, making it easier for a beginner. You will love this easy amigurumi pattern for how to crochet an axolotl. This project is great for beginners and can be completed in about 3 hours. What are you waiting for?
Image for Pattern: Mudkip - Free amigurumi pattern

Mudkip - Free amigurumi pattern

Difficulty Level:
Mudkip is one of the most popular starter Pokémon to come out, and how could he not be with how cute he is. This little water-type starter was introduced in Hoenn region / generation 3 of the show and games. This mudskipper is even now a fan favourite whether it is from the show, games, or even its large amount of memes made of him. In this post, I will show you how to make your own Mudkip amigurumi for that Pokémon fanatic in your life. This pattern is beginner-friendly, As long as you know how to colour change.